1. so bad #badboizclub CrawDads by Karissa Sakumoto

  2. Bad Boiz Club red rupee money maker edition #LoZ #rupees #badboizclub

  3. moving out the cobweb condos, spider homies, single parent spidey mamas, her spidey babies and their deadbeat spidey pops. srsly guys, im not afraid of spiders so if u got some u want out of ur house def hit me up. love me some arachnid pals. #spiders

  4. bad boiz club rain on ur parade wet hair dont care edition #Seattle

  5. bAd bOiZ ccLuB facehugger Pendleton edition #xenomorph #facehugger #selfie

  6. bad boiz club try to b hard and happy at the same time for my b-day homie @thatssosoren in Iceland. luh u boo! #Iceland

  7. bad boys club rlly goofy IRL edition #canthide

  8. bAd bOiZ cLuB #selfie

  9. yummy

  10. Meatball composition #cats

  11. cat friend #cat

  12. K-BBQ

  13. chillin with Kjell - the nopales salad 👌

  14. *splash* :)))