1. Oh the Place You Won’t Go


  2. made an Tumblr about the motion capture aesthetic. 

    IMO, it’s very queer, we should do stuff with it in culture, and everyone looks good in black. 

  3. this is what resilience looks like

  4. she got that dessert thirst. #cake #cupcake #chocolate #carrotcake #vanilla #devilsfood #gingerbread

  5. proof i get out

  6. #thuglife


  7. published a project i did years back into e-book form- for those who know the struggle, it’s for u.

  8. in a future: as resistances to pesticides for organisms deemed crop pests increases, development of preservatives and storage technologies will surge. transportation of food supplies will b more expensive particularly for trucking due to fossil fuel shortages and a difficult transition period to reliance on more sustainable energy sources. a flavor bank designed to preserve, record, and conduct research on flavor combinations either evolving or extinguished will spearhead research into an infinitely renewable food source appealing to localities with adjustable flavorings. the corn, potato, and rice food sources, once staples to human civilization will have been decimated by lack of genetic diversity, nutrient rich soil, and resistance to new diseases. food waste practices will regulate & criminalize the destruction/waste of usable foods, once a common practice from the late 20th - to early 22nd century. food farms in cities will become popular models as well as food gardens on building roofs and markets the issue of food scarcity for two centuries will determine power dynamics and negotiations between large political entities while foragers in unoccupied territories form colonies for those seeking asylum from an incredibly bureaucratic process of applying for, being tested into, and gaining access to culture food zones. cuisines, drinks and common snacks featuring insects will be very popular. #inthefuture

  9. cast dat vinyl magic #AllRise #vinyl #publicart #Seattle

  10. it’s organic bcuz i lend them my tears. got that steez. #steez #steaz

  11. in a future: current home living designs will have been outdated as changes in culture prefering efficiency, energy use, and space conservation enter the public conscience. kitchens and bathrooms will combine to b dual purpose spaces. with innovations in hygiene technologies what we know as toilets will also function as sinks and showers. these spaces will come equipped with scanners and sensors that can detect appropriate cleanse settings for each object or body, adjusting height, width, length and other factors with movable walls. the living room center will be decentralized as focal points for viewing apparatus such as televisions and personal computers will b easily maneuverable. books, ever the popular form for dispensing information will maintain its integrity but will feature moving images and adjustable texts due to advances in data encryption onto paper-like surfaces. most energy production for households will feature biotech products such as synthetic house plants that can store energy through photosynthesis much like organic plants. because of this, household interiors begin to feature more bio-organic aesthetic qualities. with changing values of dress and decorum with population density, it will b quite the norm for people whom r family and friends to enjoy each others company naked as symbolic of deep trust. closet space will b very minimal for outfits will have adjustable patterns that an owner can create or download by purchase from other designers. #inthefuture

  12. HELP! D:

  13. "i put black lipstick on for no reason hehe" 2nd draft #webcamselfie #performance

  14. 1st Olive Garden, now Subway. camo love this year for restaurants. #olivegarden #subway #camo #bape